Nathan Dantzler (The Hit Lab)

Nathan Dantzler

Nathan Dantzler (The Hit Lab)

First and foremost, The Hit Lab are a camp – a group of like-minded people who have devoted their lives to music and art, all working together to make a perfect product each and every time. Mastering is our passion, we make records sound amazing. We work on everything from major label to small Indie projects. We only succeed when our clients do, so our top priority is to consistently deliver the best sounding masters possible.

The Hit Lab is owned by Nathan Dantzler (aka “ND”). ND has been mastering, producing, engineering, and writing music across multiple genres for over 16 years. He has worked on thousands of albums and has been honored with two Grammy Awards and three Grammy nominations. ND is the chief mastering engineer at The Hit Lab, and calls on his extensive experience to sense where music is heading while respecting and honoring its past.

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